Sunday, July 1, 2012

Castle in Plymstock

Here it is, our little castle in Plymstock.  Photo taken from the former moat.
Note the little tiny gate that one has to thread the little tiny car through.

Garage (gare-odge) from above.

Little tiny gate.

Entrance to the former moat.

Moat from above.

Starboard side of the house-seems apt as the first owner was an Admiral.

Sunroom and currently clothes dryer.  It gets quite warm in there.  I keep an eye on my jeans from the office window to be sure they don't burst into flames.

Passageway between the house back door and the laundry room.  Sheets hanging in the distance.  In this climate, castle walls are wet.  Do not lean against the castle wall.  Also, despite best engineering efforts there is a persistent leak from the roof.  These are the joys of living in a house built for another time.

Whirlygig dryer and neighbors door.  There is a sweet little black boxer type dog who lives there-Poppi.

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