Wednesday, August 21, 2013

St James Church

Sorry about chopping the top of the steeple off.  What you cannot see because I cropped it is the bus coming from the left. 

Anybody know why there is pew 106 followed by 106 1/2?

Right next to the church is St James Park where the big white flower was growing.


Parks and Harbour


New City Hall-Ai Weiwei Chinese Zodiac


New City Hall and Fountain

Skates on one side and Snacks on the other.  


The Islands Belonging to Canada in Lake Ontario

Happy Canadians picnicking on the island-people and geese.


Toronto Skyline

Leaving the harbor.  Our house is the shorter cylinder and the Terminal building is on the right.

Alas, no baseball this week.  The retractable roof works which is more than Montreal can say.

Does look a bit scary.

Whew!  It must happen many times a day.

I think the Rogers Center looks a little ominous sometimes.  Like it's hiding in all of these tall buildings.  Bit suspicious.