Thursday, August 5, 2010

From Our Hotel Windows


Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs...

Special foods of India and Pakistan and that perrineal Pakistani favorite-Pizza. Punjab Pizza?

Last chance Sex-Shop before the Jungfrau (Young Woman).

There are a series of these posters from this railroad. They all bring forth an Americana theme. I saw them in German and in French, but wasn't able to photograph all of them. This one is a bit of Benjamin Franklin and Norman Rockwell.


Sculptures and Such

DO NOT throw out that old bathtub! Ikebana.


They are piloted by an experenced parasailer (at least I hope they are) and a tourist who pays about 120CHF. We finally found one of the "jump off" places-a cleared downhill strip on the top of a smaller mountain. They get a running start and then soar higher than the mountain they took off from, or they head for town where they land in an open field in front of the Victoria Hotel and all the tourist shops. They have a camera on a stick so they can photograph themselves along the way. They begin about 8am, and the float down takes about 1/2 hour or so. The end of the parasailing day is about 8pm. Sometimes there seems to be a continuous stream of them. The vendors are all over the main street. I know they hate to see the days get shorter.

Near Our Hotel


Hotels Interlaken

Some less posh hotel has this car. I saw one like it in Zurich. A man using crutches parked it in front of the museum. When it was time to leave, he easily got in, adjusted everything including his I-pod earplugs and silently took off. Perfect electric vehicle for in town driving.

European equivalent (roughly) to George Washington slept here.

The big hotel in the center of things with the fantastic view is the Victoria. Apparently Queen Victoria (of the UK) rode in on horseback. The Vic has two Jaguars parked in front for hotel use. One sedan and this little sports model.


Fountains Interlaken

In our hotel-perfect for Picies.

These fountains have excellent clean potable cold water-Alpine water. No need to carry a big bottle around. Just stick your head near the stream or take a little bottle and refill it.

For Sale

Just to give you an idea of how expensive Switzerland really is...


Buildings Interlaken

They have everything.

There is also a big casino-perhaps it used to be a hotel or grande residence.


Around Interlaken

I think this gas station is associated with the shopping plaza next door. There are vintage cars behind glass-the Rolls will not be sold.

Chinese Garden-a gift to the city from some Chinese city.