Friday, May 25, 2012

Post Party Actual DOB Birthday Dinner at Taste of India

Fawn, Larry, Zita and Maddie

Garett Savina and Tiffany

Kazu Zita Kim and Marcia

#1 son Kazu and Mom/Honey/Zita

Larry and Kazu-West meets East in handshake bow.

Kazu was the first of several Japanese exchange students who lived with Zita after Larry died.  He flew in for a stay of less than 24 hours for her birthday.  He now lives in Hokkaido with his wife and two sons.


Birthday Party VI

Holly, Zita, Kim, Anthony, and Marcia

Holly and Savina

Maddie, Kim and Garett re food fight

Steven splash!

Zita's friend (whose name I cannot remember at the moment).  She is 102 years old.  She was an adult when Zita was born.


Birthday Party V

Arrival of the twins.

Tiffany, Larry and Garett, Fawn and Savina, Neil

Wesley and Able


80th birthday cheesecake

Zita and friends and Marcia
Zita, Callie and Barbara

Blow out the candles

Birthday Party IV-not so alphabetical

Honey and the Great grands: Garett and Callie, Savina and Able, Honey, Steven

Garett in spyglasses.  They have little mirrors on the inside edge.  Don't try to sneak up on this guy!

Grands and great grands: Wesley and Able, Anessa and Steven, Tiffany and Callie with Garett and Savina behind, Honey, Maddie with Russel behind.

Holly, Savina, and Anessa working on Honey's birthday scrapbook.

Honey and Garett

Maddie and Garett

Birthday Party III

Garett and Callie, Savina and Able, Honey, Steven
Message from the mancave deck.  Michael, Larry and Neil.

Ralph and Tonya get their quilt.

Russel and his girlfriend.

Steven swinging high.

Marcia explains how they are descended from Nikettie Powhatten.  "Yes Tonya, there really is an Indian Princess in the tree."

Tonya and quilt


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birthday Party II

Daughters with Mom and Spouses: top row Kim, Holly, Tonya and Ralph

bottom row: Fawn and Larry, Marcia and Kay, Zita, Sue and Hal

Fawn and Callie


Rachel and Able, Zita, Wesley and Callie.

Marcia and Anthony.


Birthday Party I-alphabetically

Able and Callie in their baby buckets.

Able and Tonya (his grandmother).

Anessa, Honey and Steven.

Anthony, Barbara and Michael Holly.

Blingfoot snob flop.

Captain America-needs no introduction really.

The daughters: top row Kim, Holly and Tonya

bottom row Sue Marcia and Fawn


Saturday Night Post Prom Dinner Quilt Party

Christain is 5 and a math whiz.  Currently he is an angry birds whiz.  He is the prom photographer's son.  We are keeping and eye on him while his mother works.

Garett, Savina and Tiffany with their quilt.

 Holly with her quilt.

Zita and Marcia

Kay and Marcia w quilt and Zita.

Kim with her quilt and wearing snob flops.

Larry and Fawn, Kim, Anessa and Sue.  Three sisters, one spouse and one daughter.

Holly, Neil and Zita (aka Honey)