Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pantheon-inside and out

I was really interested in seeing the Pantheon. You may recall that it is the temple errected to all the gods/goddesses. Goddess forbid anygod/ess get left out! Now it is a Roman Catholic Church. Doctorine of inclusiveness long gone here.

Anyway, it was Sunday afternoon, and it had rained during the morning Mass. There was still water on the marble circle right under the occulus. It is a pretty impressive place, and I also enjoyed the temple to Minerva just down the alleyway, though it has also passed to "The Church". I noticed Mary/Minerva was quite prominent there. You can see her with her kid in the statues blog.



In all of Europe that we visited, we saw these scafolding covered with gauzy like fabric-somewhere between translucent and opaque, and the images that were concealed were represented on the fabric. Like a photo had been taken and blown up and printed on the fabric so one can get an idea of what is there while rennovation and restoration is going on. Hence, Madona and Child...

On the next trip around on the tourist bus, I saw the ad over the Madona and her kid. Looks like it is held up with giant paper clips.

Everywhere we went in Europe and Canada (except Venice which allows no cars) we saw Smart Cars. When is the US going to get Smart???

I took this photo, but cannot say I know what it is. Looks like a bathtub over a waterfall without water.

I think I'd like to take bus 92 someday. Not enough time on this trip.

Imported beer in Rome.


Roman Bath

My experience of flying to Europe always begins in New York, LaGuardia at about 5pm. and ends at the wee hours of the morning finding a taxi to a hotel. Thus began our summer adventures. The doors of the Ambascatori were a welcome sight after the cab driver tried to fleece us out of 50 euros.

Though the airlines offer a swell little packet with eye mask, folding comb and disposable toothbrush and toothpaste, nothing can quite compare to a hot shower after a night over the Atlantic.

Our hotel was posh in the 1960's. Jackie O (before she was "O") and her likes stayed here and the paparazzi was outside the hotel before paparazzi was a worldwide name. Now it is a modest Roman Hotel catering to American tourists, but still features a lovely marble bath and we were very appreciative of that bath.

Take note if you are headed for Rome, that the faucets are not C for cold and F for fry. F will get you frio, as in freezer, and C will get you Calor as in calorie-what is burned for fuel for the body. You can figure out the extra lav by the toilet for yourselves.



We saw it in Rome, we saw it in Venice, and soon we will see it on the Rainbow River.


Castle and Tiber

My favorite photo of Rome is at the end of this blog entry. You know I love reflections, and the bridge on the water is wonderful. But when I tried to crop it out, it just wouldn't work without the Africans. They are all over Italy, selling knock off purses illegaly on the street. When the Cabineri show up, they have long since pulled up their sheets and are under the bridges or down the alleyways with their wares. They are part of the Italian scene-in Rome and in Venice, and I suspect wherever tourists are.

I also see the float homes in new light since our visit to Richmond (Vancouver) with T&T. Nice to know you have counterparts in Rome. Maybe a floathome exchange could happen?

And finally, a boat that reminds us of our Silvia/Sylvia. Seems the goddess of the woods shows up quite often on the water.


Trevi Fountain

Very crowded here at Trevi. However, we got our coins in and hope they work in bringing us back.


Vestal Virgins and adjacent Temple