Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hinwil House II-Upstairs

Our hosts have made us welcome.

This is a really good bathroom. Walk in shower with window. We were told that we should be careful to close the bedroom ceiling window, but what harm could come to a bathroom window left open for the rain to fall in the shower?

This is a great bed! Love the colors too. My silk travel sack fits in perfectly with the color scheme.

Couch and luggage rack

Bedroom has sink too. Bedroom shares a wall with bathroom-why not install a sink?

Windows work like doors-two ways to open.

Here is the church steeple with clock from our bedroom. You can imagine the rising full moon peeking out of the clouds near this. Also, the clock gongs out the time. I have heard 4 bells.

We got little bits of ice on the bedroom window today.

Hinwil House I-downstairs

This red kitchen really works. I believe it is IKEA.

Here is a thing we particularly like. The garbage tilts out when you open the door under the sink (the almost universal place for the garbage). The extra bags live in a surface that covers the garbage when the door is shut.

A note about garbage here. They pay for disposal of garbage by weight. It is incentive to recycle. Downstairs are bins for recycling.

Self portrait on refer-how poetic. I like the way the fridge blends in with the other cabinets.

Three tiered dishwasher. Love the upper shelf for silverware.
Corner cabinets are always good-better if the shelves revolve.

Doors and windows offer two ways of opening. Handle up allows the top to tilt inwards allowing air flow without direct draft. Handle in the middle-horizontal-allows the door to open for passage. Handle down locks.

Downstairs bathroom has a toilet that doubles as bidet. If there is weight on the seat, pushing either handle on the back gives a fairly jet propelled stream of water. A body must move around to direct the flow. The water is followed by a dryer.

Somebodies have turned the dining room table into an information station.

If you click on the photo, you will see that Bang works on Schmutz. Who knew??