Sunday, May 29, 2011

Barcelona-Gothic Cathedral-Cloister


Barcelona-Gothic Cathedral-Rooftop

I'm learning a bit about drainage this year. This is not as subtle as Gaudi's rooftops.

Columbus in the distance.


Barcelona-Gothic Cathedral-Inside


Barcelona-Gothic Cathedral


Neighborhood of the Gothic Cathedral

For the sweet tooths among us. Also, Hola X2.

Roman Wall

This little courtyard garden is in an archive.


Bar Mutt Neighborhood

Fancy building.


Apparently you can get the bomb at Olivia.

I wish I had though to get a photo of Bar Mutt-oh well-next time!

Here is Marcia at Nincon, a homewares design type store. I thought this little photo tree might be just the thing for Susan to market her photos, and people are so sensitive about one taking photos of their merch-I got "told" at a bedding store just down the street, so I had Marcia "pose" to get the photo and I cut out most of the photo tree in my haste.

Love this building. Didn't know it had this nice angel till I zoomed in on the photo. She's quite nice actually.