Monday, December 28, 2009

Savannah carriage ride

Marilyn of the Magnolias-by City Market Cafe.

American and Rainbow flag near City Market.

African Baptist Church built by slaves.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fort Pulaski National Monument-Savannah, Georgia


Forts of this time had moats. This moat has allagators.

Inside the fort. This fort is pentagonal, but the two "sides" are short.

This side of the fort faces Tybee Island.

The flag being flown at the time this fort was captured by Union forces looks a bit different than the stars and bars with which we are familiar. The Confederate flag being lowered is more like the Union flag-a blue square with stars in a circle and large red and white stripes. It flies over the fort during the day but is lowered in the late afternoon after the last of the reinactments and the current US flag is raised.

It's the end of the day and the reinactors are enjoying an anacronistic moment with the cell phone.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Marcia in Arklow

Here is Marcia waiting for the early morning train from Arklow to Dublin-before the real rain started.

Dublin-Statues of St. Stephen's Green

If you go to Chicago or even New York you won't have to know much about American history to enjoy the public artwork. Mostly it is about visual asthetic. In Ireland, be prepared for history and politics.

Lord Ardieaum (Guiness family heir) who gave the land for this park. (Not the bust, the whole figure-blogger pushes my patience by moving my text to where it wishes-you may have noticed.)

Dublin-St Stephen's Green

Here are two trees for Ed in St Stephen's Green.

In the UK, swans have royal patronage. In Ireland they are suceptable to handouts. Though I am not totally up to date on laws in Briton, there are or have recently been laws about messing with swans, as they all belong(ed) to the Queen. Across the sea, this guy could have been nicked for what he is doing.


Dublin-Sinnott's Pub

Got Guinness???