Saturday, June 30, 2012

Helsinki on Midsommar

Bear Beer

Ceramics booth at the market.

Church-name unknown, but it looked nice from the market.

Only tourists in Helsinki today.

Luthiers and luthier lovers will be glad to know that one is alive and well in Helsinki.

Travel buddies.

Did s/he want a life of fame or just a quiet life eating tundra grass.  Nevertheless, here s/he is, stuffed and wearing traditional clothing in front of tourist store.

The outside of the Roch Church which is quite amazingly fabulous inside but the camera battery gave out and the extras were in the backpack in the bus.  Lesson learned-always have a battery in pocket before leaving the bus.  There are postcards to scan.  Otherwise, Google Image Rock Church Helsinki and see other people's photos.

State house.


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