Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paris at Night-2CV

We met our car and driver in front of the Opera Garnier. We arrived an hour early so we would be sure we found the right place and to enjoy Paris getting dark. It isn't dark till about 10 pm in the summer.

That Napolean I just couldn't get enough monuments built to himeself and his army, of course. This was the first. It sits in an area of the highest rents in the world. It is surrounded by the Ritz and diamond jewelers. We'll give the Ritz a try when the powerball rolls in.

Here is Garnier who built the Opera. I had just read about him in Bill Bryson's book about private life. He sat on the committee that chose Mr Eiffel's tower for the 1889 worlds fair. When the tower went up people were scandalized and Mr Eiffel had to remind Mr. Garnier that he had approved the original plans.

We will try to get to the latest scandalous building before time to leave. The Pompideau Center. It looks like a car park from the tower at Montparnasse.


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