Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paris-Park in Choissy le Roi

We knew we needed to take it easy and rest this Monday as our 2CV ride was scheduled for 10pm. We did need to get our transit passes renewed and make a trip to Casino, so we opted for a picnic lunch in our little local park before running errands and following all this with naps.

We passes this atrisinal boulanger on our way to the park. Susan has never met a bakery she didn't like, so when the baker invited us to take a photo and come in, she make sales. I myself went back for bread-more simple baguette than shown here.

I had discovered, at the Rodin museum, that Choissy le Roi had a porceline factory at one time. Rodin actually worked here designing pieces. So, not too surprising that there is a sculpture of a potter in the park. I suspect the house was once lived in by the factory owner, but I don't know that. Perhaps it will be revealed.


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