Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Antwerp-M HKA-Jimmie Dunham 7

There were several tvs with different film loops playing.  I liked this one and another one that I did not photograph.  First enjoy this one. The photos are from several different sequences that are more or less the same with variations from the stone being dropped at different times.

The other tv series I liked featured the artist dressed in a business suit and seated behind a desk.  He is presented various objects by casually dressed young people.  He pounds these things with a rock until they either fall off the desk or he pushes them off the desk.  Then he takes out his stamp and ink pad and a pad of paper (letter size) and ceremoniously stamps the paper and then takes out his pen and signs it, tears off the top paper and hands it to the young person.  He then puts the paper and stamping equipment back in a drawer of the desk and caps the pen an puts it back in his suit pocket.  Up comes another person with some object, and on it goes.  Both he and the desk and the general area are covered with stuff from the smashing.  Powdery stuff, liquid stuff, etc...

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