Monday, August 13, 2012

Kenilworth-Dudley's Castle

Brief history: the Dudleys had lived here for generations, but John Dudley, father of Robert had taken the losing side in the War of the Roses and was therefore hanged for treason.  However, his son Robert became the favorite of Elizabeth I and she gave him this castle.  He had this particular building built and furnished for her.  He always hoped to marry her, but it wasn't in her best interest as queen to wed him as opposed to European royalty, and after his wife died and it was suspected that he had her murdered, it was out of the question.

I came in the back way and didn't see signs that forbade photography in the house.  Luckily I wasn't caught until after I got this fireplace.

But after being caught it was out of the window shots for me.

One of the things I love about these castle grounds was that families could enjoy a day outing her, children could run and roll down grassy hills and puppies could run after them.  There is plenty of space and their games don't iterfere with adults.


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