Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Not only is the light mounted under the table with way too many legs, the stools are too short for the table and they are not functional.  So, esthetics over function seems to be the comment.

Both Suzanne and I enjoyed this one.  Couldn't get it without reflection-sorry.

This one is actually paired with a paintin on the wall.  I really didn't get it, but I like the shadow made by the empty frame.

Very clever.  You cannot see yourself in this mirror.  You can sorta see my reflection in the center and you can see Suzanne in the right mirror, but trust me Suzanne cannot see herself.

However, if you stand in front of one mirror, voila!

This last one was my favorite.  "I" on the concave side and "You" on the convex side. 

SMACK is an acronym for Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst. 


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