Saturday, July 23, 2011

Paris 23 July

Here is the street where we live. Not terribly picturesque. From our living/dining/kitchen window we can see the Seine but also piles of sand and gravel. Still, we often see barges go by and it has some appeal. Just down the road a bit we have nicer views.

We begin our day with a bit of reflection...

And some time in the Metro.

Plan A was the Ho ho bus. On the way to Plan A I suggested we check out the pyramid at the Louvre. In no time at all Suz and Charlotte had the cameras out and were eyeing it all.

My next suggestion was lunch/dejunier at the Louvre cafe-very convenient and one can still oogle the scene. We were there early enough to get in without a reservation. As we sat, thunder rolled and the sky opened up. The place was filled almost immediately. I was a bit smug.

So, the ho ho bus seemed rather unsavory in the rain and we had brought our museum passes-Voila! Plan B.

So, we have here Venus and Mercury and some other guy.

And a Hawaiian photographer in paradise.

By afternoon the crowds were gathering.

Here is my favorite find of the day. I just visited his museum in his hometown-Albi. I was surprised to find this and a group of Renior and other impressionist paintings in the Louvre instead of the d'Orsay, but delighted. Meet Henri Toulouse Latrec.

I didn't remember this piece from our visit last year, but I like it.


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