Monday, July 23, 2012


You are pretty sure to find a pigeon chaser in this park.

We entered the park near here.  There were posh apartment buildings along this street with names in Arabic.

Bridge on the Serpentine.  You have seen it before.

I love the Diana memorial with it's twisting water feature that draws kids and families like magnets.  There is always a drama.  This father apparently allowed his daughter to go in with her jeans on and predictably they got soaked.  When we got there she was running around in her underwear.  I told Carol that if grandma were there this would never happen.  Later we saw Dad and Mom on their beach blanket.  Mom was not happy.  Dad was fanning the jeans in the air in a feeble attempt to dry them out.  This method would work over the course of three days maybe.  So, after a bit of verbal abuse by Mom he went back to the stream to play with the daughter.

Grown men in suits and ties drawn to water like baby turtles. 

This Mom shared the illusion that rolling up the pants legs of her daughters jeans would keep both of them dry. 

Click on this photo to read the sign.  You just don't see signs worded like that in the US.  Also, there is a park bench just for people who like to avoid people.


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