Sunday, July 22, 2012

Newcastle-Hadrian's Wall-Corbridge Roman Town

In order to get to Corbridge Roman Town one has to catch another bus in this little villiage.  Bus drivers and cab drivers alike know very little about the tourist runs-even though it is the same bus the locals use.  In Newcastle we either got the run around for extra fare from the taxi driver or he actually doesn't bother to know about the tourist bus that goes to the wall.  The bus driver of the tourist bus which is also the local transport did not know much about where to catch the other bus that takes you to Corbridge Roman town.  There is also a Corbridge villiage, and several busses go there, but it is a 5-10 minute walk to the Roman town from there and at this point our ankles and feet and knees would have nothing to do with extra walking.  We did find three old ladies who took us under wing and had lovely chats with us along the way.  The bunny and domed hotel were along our route from one bus to the other bus station up the hill and through the department store. 


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