Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Plymouth-Around Town

This is one entrance to the Drake Circus Shopping Center.  I first saw it framing Charles Church which you will see quite alot of in another blog.  I was never able to get the photo that I saw on the first bus ride into town.  The modern cathedral of capitalism framed the old crumbled Charles Church.  Maybe another day.

Love this map mural on the side of the Drake Circus Shopping Center.

The University of Plymouth is here, and therefore a few student bard and pubs.

I was going for the church tower and the mall outcropping, but I got British determinism as well.

More of the local pub scene.

Here's the Plymouth Wheel with the Holiday Inn and without.  It is located on the Hoe. 

Near the Drake Circus Map.  How often do you see things like this in the US?

The British ancestors were actually very good at clocks.  You may remember seeing them on the Greenwich blog.  Just as well as sundials are highly unreliable here.


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