Sunday, July 1, 2012

St Petersburg-back to the ship

Church of the Assumption where our guide, Tonya, spent man happy hours ice skating in her childhood.

Passport check.  These people have just been cleared.  1st day one has to fill out a form and go through the check and keep the form.  It is turned in when one comes back to the ship.  Next two days they just check the passport against their computer record.

I hope this is sport fishing.  I wouldn't want to eat the fish that live in port.

Eee-Kay-Ah is here along with the tourgides and busses.

This sub is now a museum.  We weren't interested.  I hardly ever have the desire to crawl into a tin can and submerge myself.  It did remind me of the 1960's movie, "The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming".  I'd like to see it again.  I remember it as a side splitter.

Nice sail ship in port as well.


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