Sunday, July 1, 2012

St Petersburg St Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral-inside

In the back there is this little room as a memorial to Nicholas and Alexandra and their children who were killed by the Bolsheviks.  Their charred remains have been identified by DNA analysis and they have been brought here with their other family members for a final resting place.  The two other children not found with them, Maria and Alexy are believed to have been identified and they will likely be brought here in a big ceremony within the next couple of years.

All the tombs are exactly alike except those of Alexander II and his wife.  Alexander II was murdered when his carriage was blown up by Bolsheviks in front of the Church of Spilled Blood.  Hence the name.

Romanoff crest.

Here is Catherine II.  Her husband Peter II is buried beside here, but he only got there after her death.  You will remember that Peter II was offed and Catherine II assumed the throne.  She gave him a big state funeral but buried him elsewhere.  When she died her son Paul became Tsar. He had his father brought to the P&P and a big memorial service for the both of them.  Within a year or so Paul got offed and came here too.


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