Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tallin-two churches

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Babushka women.  Told to go away but they don't.  Mass is beginning in the Cathedral and maybe those coming out will give them money.

Just a block away is the Lutheran Church of the German nobility.  We got in and toured as the organist was warming up for the funeral later in the morning.  The organist was playig "Abide With Me".  

We weren't allowed to take photos inside either church.  Stark contrast to Russia where the churches have been taken over by the government and were initally converted into storage for vegetables or skating rinks or physic's lessons, and are now a big tourist draw and revenue generator.  These churches in Tallin have a few postcards for sale, but I only had a 50euro bill from the cash machine, so I had to wait till I could break it to buy a postcard at a souviner shop. 


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