Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tallin-upper town

Nutshell history of Tallin.  Back in the day when years just started being recorded in 4 digits, the Danes ruled the Baltic and had captured Estonia.  Then the Germans vied with the Danes for control of the region and eventually the Danes sold Estonia to Germany.  The German nobility lived in upper town.  We'll look at lower town soon.

Jump to 20th century history when the Soviet Union took over Estonia all of the legislators were killed.

Public reminders that there are people around who want to snatch your bag.  This reminds me of an incident in St Petersburg.  An older (than us) woman on one of the tours had her passport stolen.  Two guys worked together.  One stepped on her shoe so that her foot came out of it and she fell down.  While apologizing and coming to her aid the other guy unzipped her bag and took her passport.  I'm just saying that in order to get my passport they have to stick their hands down my pants.  If they step on my shoe and I go down it's even harder for them.  My camera is a bit easier to snatch.  It's a risk I live with. 

Post Office (and a woman from Tampa)

There was a funeral of a member of Parliament the day we were there.  It was held in the Lutheran Church that we were able to visit in the morning.  I suspect that is why this Rolls was parked here near the church.  Love the license plate.

Seat of Government in pepto bismol pink.

Get your suvenirin here.

Toom-Kooli street.  The Estonnian language is closely related to Finnish and distantly related to Magyar which is spoken in Hungary. 


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